Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What to Wear at a Pride Parade

NYC Pride 2011 pic by Adrian L. Acosta

It’s June! You know what that means? It’s PRIDE MONTH!

Pride month means different thing to different people. You can even say there is a rainbow of meanings. Whether you are For or Against Pride Month one thing is undeniable, it’s a time of year to, come out, venture out wear something that celebrates your uniqueness.

It is during this time of year that gender-variant and trans folks contemplate going out in public, some for the very first time, especially to a pride march/parade dressed as their authentic self. For a MTF it may mean wearing something more feminine, and for a FTM it may mean wearing something more masculine. So let me offer a bit of unsolicited advice from experience.


For the very first NYC pride parade I participated in back in 2003 I put rainbow flags in my hair, I wore rainbow lashes, wrapped a rainbow flag on my boobs as a top (temperature was hot that day), made a skirt out of old jean pants, and wrote my name on it so every spectator down 5th Avenue would see that I had come out and/or “arrived.” And of course I wore pink fishnets because they are the physical representation of my soul.

Whatever you decide to wear just remember it has to show the world your inner most self, no more closet! In other words, no matter what you wear you will look fabulous, I just know it. Congrats! ​

The second time I marched in the NYC parade was in 2015 I was hired to be a part of a float full of Marilyn Monroes.

The first time filled my heart while the second time filled my wallet 😜 but both times were special and so will yours. Enjoy every second of being a part of this important event

We know that over the years MONEY regarding the Pride Parade has been an issue for some LGBTQA+ folk.  But as we learned from the musical Cabaret "Money Makes the world go round." So the intersection of money and PRIDE doesn't have to be a big deal.

For those who want a deeper understanding of Pride I recommend the film Stonewall Uprising
A film that will show you how the repressed, in society at the time, fought for their right for the pursuit of happiness.

If you are under the age of 60, like we are, then you need to watch this film to fully understand the hell the United States was for gay people back then. The United States was like Nazi Germany to gays 50-60 years ago.

For us personally the meaning of Pride Month really hit home in 2011 when Same Sex Marriage became legal in the state of New York.

That year we decided to be a spectator, a witness, and take photos of the festivities.  To see some of the joyous images we turned into a coffee table book click HERE

And if you think Pride celebrations only belongs to self identifying LGBT folks think again.  I am all for a Heterosexual Pride Day.  For more on that you can read HERE

Whether you decide to celebrate or not celebrate this month just remember that, whenever you feel different, isolated, and alone, chances are there is someone out there feeling the same way.  Remember, you can feel "different" and still find some common ground with others.


oh yeah, and make sure to feel fully FREE during this year's Pride Parade!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Nipples: When is it OK to Show them on Social Media?

The last time I showed my nipples on social media was Feb 2017 when I looked more like a "dude."

Not a big deal right?

Or is it?

What if I did it again on Instagram today?

Generally speaking it’s socially ok for men to be shirtless at the beach and on social media.  Meanwhile, it’s not as accepted if women are shirtless in those same situations.

With that in mind

I have an interesting question for you.

​My body is going through some changes. Again guys, I AM NOT on HORMONES, but things are getting softer around the chest area.

So I took to Twitter and Facebook to ask the following question:

You may say: "do whatever makes you feel comfortable, I would support cis women in the same decision." or "One could always invest in pasties."

That got me thinking.

Wouldn't covering the nipples indicate shame of a feminine body type, or submitting to sexist social norms? After all, aren't there many heavy set men that appear to have boobs, or what is referred to as affectionately and derogatorily as Man Boobs?  These men don't put pasties on.  Instagram doesn't censor photos of men who have Gynaecomastia as you can see from clicking HERE.

I'm on the fence about posting my current shirtless pic on the net, specifically on Instagram, because their Community Guidelines state "we don’t allow nudity on Instagram....This includes some photos of female nipples." ​

I was assigned male at birth but Instagram may assigned me female ​if they believe my chest to be that of a woman's?

Boobs can be problematic can't they?  Some folks wish their's were bigger, smaller, different size nipple, perkier, more symmetrical, closer together, and the list goes on.  Some have procedures to augment them and some to reduce them.  Some brave folks who fought cancer had to have one or both removed. They can be life nourishing, and also a source of sexual power, a source of pride for some and a source of shame for other folks.

We have now entered into the month of June, or as some folk call it PRIDE MONTH.  A time to recognize the courage of LGBTQ folk of time's past.  The one's who paved the way for the diverse community of today to be able to live authentically under the sun like everyone else.  A time to stand confident and comfortable in our own skin.  It is in that spirit that I bare my heart and stand topless and stand against body shaming.

My chest June 2018.  Love your body.

My chest 2012.  

It is up to us to teach the next generation of men, woman, and anyone in-between that there is no place for shame when it comes to the shape and size of our bodies.  Lets enjoy our bodies while we have them.

Happy Pride Month!

UPDATE:  after posting the above pic of my chest as it currently looks 2018, Instagram removed it. Meanwhile my 2012 chest pic has not been removed.  Make of that what you will

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Newsletter May

Selfie showing some cleavage (Date Night)

Hi Dearest reader,

How are you?

Here is the latest news on our end: 

Selfie not showing cleavage (waiting for MTF makeover client)

Here are our latest purchases

I ordered this fabulous white dress, earings, pineapple necklace, and super cute pineapple handbag to go with the white heels I have in my closet. This might just be the day look I will sport at the Invasion of the Pines this Fourth of July. You like?

We also got this rocking handbag

and this pretty bralette which we bought in Black, Ivory, Purple, and Cactus Flower 

Two new blog entries this month

To read click HERE

To read click HERE

Here’s the 411 about my root canal we completed this month:
Week 1 – drilled tooth. Allowed infection to drain
Week 2 – drilled a little more. Infection continued to drain
Week 3 – dentist thought infection was under control. Sealed the hole
Week 4 – emergency re-drill hole - infection had spread
Week 5 – dentist started drilling but stopped half way and sent me to a specialist to complete the drilling
Week 6 - Sealed hole. Pustule formed on gum in affected area and popped the day after hole sealed. Rinse with salt water.
Saga over.

- Picked up pills from Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery.  
- Attended my best friend's champagne and cake party.
- Attended the delightful monthly Trans Woman Pizza Party.
- Spent a wonderfully sexy night with my loverboy
- I finished reading: The Left Hand of Darkness

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