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Crying before 10am because 2020

10/27/20 9:10am

Jason :
Hey Honey!!! How u?
U feeling a little better?

Adrian :
Getting there.

Jason :
I’m okay. Just okay. I have so much anxiety and anger over the election at the moment….
And just “meh” in general.
But truthfully I have nothing to complain about.

Adrian :
I hear ya.
Did you vote yet?
I voted yesterday

Jason :
Not yet. Going to vote on Election Day. More convenient for us since our house is less than a mile from the school which is our regular precinct

Adrian :
Thanks I guess.
I wished there would have been a candidate I liked though
Then I got home and did some writing
I think I’m finally ready to leave all that pain behind
It’s been an emotionally exhausting year

Jason :
I can’t imagine the emotions running through you…. I saw the post yesterday on FB and it just broke my heart. It’s always so easy to assume someone is doing well, becau…

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