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Should You Transition?

Recently I had a conversation in my Twitter DMs. This is how it went down

THEM: Would you possibly mind if I asked you a few questions about your transition?

ME: Sure, no problem. Shoot.

THEM: Oh you’re amazing. Thank you so much. Well, it’s been something I’ve thought about for quite a while. How did you know it was the right choice for you?

ME: Well, you might not like my answer...the truth is when you know you know. It's an inner calling

THEM: No, that’s the perfect answer.

ME: It's not a thought. It's not an idea. It's a feeling.

THEM: It is your experience.

ME: I'm non-binary so for me it's not about "becoming a woman." It's about freeing myself from the masculinity society expects me to display because of the sex I was assigned at birth. To me my transition has been an act of emancipation from expected gender norms. If you feel trapped in your expected gender then that's when you start to contemplate a change, a real change. I h…

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