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The Truth is in the Middle

  The truth is that people will make up stories about you based on their perception of you. A long sentence to a short story. They will insist that you were somewhere with them when you weren’t. Memory plays tricks on us. Some folks even mistake dreams with memories. Few write down in a journal their day-to-day activities. They can’t say for certain where they were a year ago today, who they spent time with doing what. How then can you blame them for living in a fantasy narrative? When you’re gender variant, some people see you and “treat” you as the gender they perceive you to be. They also assume that you want to be perceived as one of TWO genders. And since they are accustomed to treating male and females differently, they believe they ought to see you and treat you a certain way: Either one way or the other. This Gender binary mentality is simply lazy. An excuse to not see deep into one’s eyes and see that we are more than our biological sex and gender expression. If y

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