The Inspiring David

From time to time I get emails that move me so much that they bring me to tears. The following one is of a young man, 16 years of age with quite the story.
His story inspires me and keeps me going on those days where it's hard to get out of bed.

The letter is a bit long but trust me, it's a must read.

Thank you David for being such a beautiful soul.

Email recieved Feb 22nd, 2008

Hello Adrian,

My name is David. I am 16. from Texas and have been openly gay for a year now(but knew it forever). I just wanted to say i have been a fan of yours for some time now. You helped me Accept myself,and believe in myself in a very special way.

When I first came out it was to my mother (she is a very conservative women, very strong Christian beliefs,and loves her children)i am the middle child of a total of 3 boys. My mother and father are still together but my father suffered a major stroke when i was younger (in 5th grade) and he has never been the same he gets better every year but has always been distant so i grew up pretty much with my mom as a main figure. Where i live is completely Conservative, old ideals,art deprived and very Mexican in the sense that all boys and men must be "macho" in use of a better word. When I came out to my mom i thought all would be well, and that was not the case she did the whole screaming, crying, yelling "where did i go wrong", "we can get this fixed" ,"you need to pray","promise me you'll change this". So I became very distant from my family, I was experiencing my first relationship prior to coming out and shortly after i did he did not want to be around me any more. I started feeling as though nobody understood me i was lost in a world where i would never shine in a positive lite.(going back to before i came out) i started dancing ballet and have been for 4 years now...but i have really been doing well so I have that as a career i am already fallowing.

I have been to NYC for competitions witch brings me to a point. In April 2007 2 months after coming out i was in NYC for the 2nd time participating in a ballet competition....during my depression i seeked something but didn't know exactly where to find it .....i made a lot of mistakes in the past year. In NY I got into a bar and went home with 2 men, i started to go from MAN to MAN if you know what i mean....i would sneak out and go to the park where i would sleep in the slid because my mom and i were constantly a each others throats and the only escape for me was to Dance teacher moved to another town 8 hours away . So I lost that outlet,which was for me the only way to stay a little happy. I stared to stop dancing and i had already developed many eating disorders (bulimia ,anorexia, taking excessive amounts of diet pills) all at the same time . i am 5'9' and was only 100 pounds. I have an alter ego who is named "Cristal Rose".

Well i don't want to keep making you read you probably get a lot of e-mails, but i wanted to tell you that once i saw your videos and your art and photography and you Alter ego. you make me smile and raise my spirit when was sad by simply just watching one of your videos(please don't think I'm a freak) i was just captured by you and realized there are plenty of people like me. you helped my see that !
I know how you must feel about your grandmother and your uncle....i had some one close to me die from Brest cancer and a cousin die from testicular cancer. So i can understand what you must have felt ...and that video moved me.

I wanted to let you know that i am health now i weight 140 and i am only 5% fat :)
I found sponsorer who has helped me fly to my Dance teachers school every weekend so i have been under extremelyly hard rehab kinda thing anI'mim now auditioning for Ballet company's. I would like to send you a video as soon as i get it.
I think what your doing with the aids bear is amazing!!!!

I have to sadly say that my alter ego has hung up her wig as much as i miss being her, i just don't look good in a dress anymore...just one sacrifice i made to take on my dance career. she still lives inside of my but that as far as it goes now.

Me and my family are getting along and i am moving to finish up my dance training very soon, from there i will be moving to who knows were as a dancer....i will know where i go after all my additions are over.

you helped me realize that i am special in every way, that i need to take life by the horns and just ride with it and be myself, to helped me learn how to put on make up,and inspired a student play i directed at my school....called "Amnesia Sparkles" its about well, you kinda was about a boy I didn't use your name i used "John" as the boys name (i love your name but didn'tnt want to get in trouble or something) it was a 23 year old boy who has an alter ego who was his way of expressing himself and who live as a part of him and had to under go the challenges of society being some one who is trans gender . it went over well actually....:)

well again i think i wasted enough of your time sorry this was such a long letter i just wanted to briefly tell you about me a few things i went through and the fact that you were a steeping stone for me that lead me to happiness..anprobablyly from killing myself (with the whole eatindisordersrs) which i am still working on .

again sorry for such a long message i have questions for you but i will save them till later.

A Very Thankful Fan,

Daivd's alter-ego

I just cried reading the letter again.


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