Photo Submission Guidelines

Thank you for submitting material to Our community thrives on submissions from talented people all over the world.


Halloween is usually the time of year when genders cross but it doesn't have to end there. If you throw or attend a Drag or cross dressing party we would love to display your fun photos. The point is to have fun with gender and not feel ashamed or bashful. If you are going to all the trouble of dressing up might as well show the world.

The best photos are where girls dress up as boy and where boys dress up as girls. The best ones are where you put make-up on your boyfriend or friend!! Girls with drawn on mustaches and guys with eyeliner!

Also, if you are a girl that LOVES to put on make-up send us your done up look! Or if you are a tomboy even better, send us your thuged out look! Bottom line is, have fun with it!

You can be our next Model!

We appreciate all your photographs, small videos, and written stories. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

1. Keep files between 100 and 200 kb. Large files are difficult to download, and are usually deleted.

2. Cell phone pictures are usually not published. They are extremely low-quality.

3. Include the subject's name, your name, and WHERE YOU'RE FROM. This information will be published along with the photograph.

4. Label your submissions in the following manner: subjectname_wherefrom_yourname.jpg. For example if you are "Jane", submitting a picture of your boyfriend "Steve", and you're from "California", label your photo: Steve_California_Jane.

5. The best submissions feature some kind of story. Provide a few background details about the photo.

6. Blurry, unfocussed photos make me sad

Submitting material indicates you allow and its representatives to publish, use, alter for this and future projects without payment or fee in perpetuity. By submitting, you indicate that you are the creator and owner of the material. Thank you! Published photos and fan art are enjoyed by people all over the world.


If the above link gives you any trouble try: although this a far less reliable way of submitting. Be sure to mention WHERE you're from.

See some of the colorful submissions thus far click HERE

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