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Hi there, welcome to GenderFun.com a blog for boys, girls, and everyone in-between.

My name is Adrian and I run this blog while my alterego Amnesia is in charge of doing the videos which you might have seen on YouTube. She's much better in front of the camera than I, and since she's not very literate I take care of this blog

Together we created this blog in hopes it would bridge the gap between gays and straights, boys and girls, butch and fems, young and old, fat and skinny, the smart and Amnesia, etc. Here at GenderFun.com it doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is, or what gender you identify with, the important thing is that you can find humor in the idiosyncrasies of all genders whether you were born a boy, a girl, or somewhere in-between. It's not about what's between your legs...although you are welcome to email us a photo of what's between your legs, we don't mind, heck, we encourage it ;)


The idea for this blog came about after we got an overwhelming response to a video we made called The Transformation. We received hundreds of thousands of emails (ok, maybe not that many) asking us advice on where to get makeup, dresses, wigs, etc. We hope to bring you some helpful tips as well as introduce you to some of our fantastic friends that will also share with you their experiences and tips.

We weren't planning on making a blog like this but we see it as a public service, and it really does feel good to help others and give back...it's like spreading VD but better.

In addition to the daily updates filled with photos, beauty products, and fun stories we will have videos where we will introduce a fun topic related to gender for you to join in and discuss, such as:

Does size matter: 

Do Women Belong in the Kitchen?
Should a 5 yr Old Boy Dress Like a Girl?
Are You Straight Acting or Gay Acting?
Can We Grow Old and Gay?
Should I Wear My Sister's Clothes Behind Her Back?

Also, we hope to have some special guests and exciting interviews.

This blog is not exclusive to our writings and videos. If you would like to share some of your stories or tips by becoming a contributing writer or would like your product or video featured please contact us at

*We select the content according to what fits best each week so don't feel discouraged if we don't include your material right away. All submissions are appreciated.

Sparkle Gurl, Sparkle,
Amnesia Sparkles
Adrian Acosta


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