Life's Such A Drag!

By: Kyle
Drag life. What is it? Where does it come from? How does it transform a person? All of these questions have different unique answers when you ask any and every drag queen out there. My answers to these questions start in my childhood. You see, I've always thought about drag or at least had drag in my life. It started in the south with my mother (yes my mom {laughs}). My mother was (and still is) a singer and entertainer ever since I could remember. I use to sit and watch her on her bed get ready every night to go to her job at a casino or a party for the socialites of the south. If anyone knows about makeup for stage you would know that when you are on stage you have to put on ALOT more makeup then normal because of the stage lights. The stage lights literally burn the makeup off your face, or makes it run, so halfway into your performance if you don't put enough of the makeup on your have your face running down your dress. O. K anyway back to the story. After my mom got on all her makeup and her extravagant sequin dresses and sometimes hair pieces, I realize now that as a child I was attracted to the drag life because my mother was (more or less) a drag queen herself.

As life progressed and I went into my late teens (16, 17) I use to go to New Orleans with my mother for shows down there. I can remember the very FIRST time I saw a full drag queen. It was at one of my first Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I went with my uncle and my cousins down to a family's friends house. The family's friend was having a BIG Mardi Gras bash, and during the bash we all went down to see the parade. On one of the floats there was nothing but drag queens doing a performance mix of music. They had big headdresses on and BEAUTIFUL outfits on. I was so attracted to the glitz and glamour that it stuck in the back of my mind.

I've always been a performer. Wether it was in a small crowd amusing my friends with laughter or in a big crowd singing my heart out on stage. I think I got it from my mom. So when I turned 18 I started getting the itch to perform BAD. I was involved in a southern Baptist church for many years. If anyone knows about southern Baptist beliefs then you would know that them along with Christianity in general does support homosexuality or any form of it. So for many years I had to suppress the "real me" and my feelings and beliefs towards homosexuality and drag. So I thought the best way for me to do that and perform is to join the church choir. I sang and performed for a couple of years in the choir. Now don't get me wrong I loved it and I wouldn't change it for the world, however, there was still something missing. Still something more that I needed or wanted.
After Hurricane Katrina (Yes I was in it and it was HORRIBLE) I moved up to Pennsylvania. Along with the change of location my outlook on life changed as well. I realized that life is WAY to short and you have to do what makes up happy. I came out about a year after I moved to Pennsylvania and then I slowly let the interest of drag come out. My mother and grandmother don't necessarily agree with everything I do but they love me and support me in anything I do and I love them for that. I am 21 now but I start researching up on the life of drag and the makeup when I was 20. My friend (who is a makeup artist) and I are buying a bunch of makeup and things to experiment on what goes with my face and how to change and contour to make me look like another celebrity. The process is going very well and I'm enjoying it. I haven't perform on stage yet because I feel like if your going to do something you better make sure that its perfect or close to perfect before you go and do it. And I want my first perform to look like I've been doing this for years. I've came up with a name but it will probably change from now till the moment my "character" comes to life. The name is Natasha Lewis.

So in closing (I know it sounds like a college paper) I just wanna say to all you fellow drag fags, ( I say that with the up most love) or people who are thinking about it and/or have a interest in it, DO WHAT MAKES UP HAPPY. PLEASE do not worry about what other people say about you. You cannot live your life for anyone else but yourself. I hope my story helps at least one person out there. If it did then I have accomplished the whole reason why I wrote this.

With MUCH drag love,


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