Ass-trological Match - Leo

Today's matches involve the king of the jungle or the pussy-cat at heart. Either way you look at it Leos are a pain in the ass. But we love them. Enjoy.

This is an affectionate pair who really likes each other. They both love to socialize and will rarely bore each other. A Leo is wild in bed, and Gemini will do just about anything! Buy toys and a swing cause you know you are soooo going to use them. Compatibility Rating = 10

These two people attract each other sexually right from the start. Libra is generous with the attention and Leo just eats it up. These two are very compatible. Just get married already! Compatibility Rating = 10

Leo/ Sagittarius
The optimism abounds in this loving relationship. They both possess a sunny, bright disposition. Together they are like cheerleaders on speed. They are like girlfriends that finish each other's sentences. It’s enough to make you gag. Compatibility Rating = 10

They are the bossy bitches, not a good match unless there is compromise. It usually works out if one plays pilot and the other co-pilot. It usually ends up being the Aries to fall in the latter category. In bed it could be a whole different story. Compatibility Rating = 8

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