Amnesia is the New Hoff!

We joke with our friends when we tell them that we are the Drag equivalent of David Hasselhoff. Why do we say this? Because we get what seems to be a very large number of fan emails from that great country...I say "great country" mostly because I'm afraid to awaken the angry side of Germany, if you know what I mean.

Here is the perfect example of one of, if not THE BEST FAN MAIL, we've gotten so far: An AMNESIA TRIBUTE VIDEO!!!! you have to watch it!!!

Thank you Thank you thank you sooooooo very much Florian. You did an amazing job with the video!!!

Here is what Florian writes:

hey adrian :)

First, I want to try to introduce myself with my bad English... so please excuse if there are many grammatical mistakes. My name is Florian, i'm 22 and born in a little nice university city called marburg in germany. After school i decided to became a makeup artist for theater and opera. so I started train as a hair stylist for 2 years, after my successful conclusion I moved to Essen/Düsseldorf to start my train to became a makeup artist. It takes 3 years till your conclusion. But im very happy to do this :D so you have a little idea what i do the whole day - but now - here is the main reason why i wrote you.

I follow your homepage and your page on youtube for a few months and I have to say that i like your work very much.

that was the reason why I made a tribute video for your alter ego amnesia :)
- so its me JoKirchhainer. The name is a mix of my first pets name. Josef and the
first street i lived - Kirchhainer Weg. i heard that this is the way how porno acters
choose theire names *g*

it would be nice to hear something from you. go on with your great work!!!

a germany fan ;) 
yours Florian

Florian wouldn't it be great if you came to visit the USA and did Amnesia's make-up.  I would be honored.  Let's put it out in the universe.  One day it could happen.  
Thank you once more and hope to get an update from you telling me how your life in Essen/Düsseldorf is coming along. I hope life brings you much happiness.

Big hugs!!

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