Ass-trological Erogenous Zones Plus MORE!!

Amnesia reveals the different erogenous zones for each astrological sign on the Award winning Podcast The Feast of Fools! What makes a scorpio go nuts in the sack? Find out by clicking on the link below.

Published 10-28-05

To Listen click HERE

Two other wonderful podcasts are Episode #170 and #171 where Amnesia talks about her American Idol Audition, her past as a latino immigrant, and fun fun fun celebrity astrology!

Published 10-10-05 and 10-11-05
To Listen click HERE

and part II Amnesia interviews Fausto Fernos host of the Feast of Fools.
To Listen click HERE

Often times I listen to these recordings and they instantly put me in a great mood. Hope they do the same for you.

Save these to your iPod and listen to them on the GO!

Please visit the Feast of Fools and tell them Amnesia sent ya.
You can subscribe to them via iTunes so you never miss an episode.
They truly are great guys!

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