Ass-trological Match - Aquarius

Some hate Libra's crazy passionate and romantic ways but Aquarians eat it up. Aquarians hate stupid people - good thing the Libras love to learn new things. Aquarians want to make the world a better place, Libras want to make it fair. These two make a lovely pair in the bedroom as well as outside as long as the Aquarians learn to settle down. Compatibility Rating = 10

These two have mental intercourse! The Aquarius hates stupid people and the Gemini's knowledge of more than trivial matters makes him irresistible. Gemini's flightiness is ground by the Aquarius well planned visions. Both are pretty independent and won't tie each other down unless it's in bed ;) If the Gemini shows his knowledge and the Aquarius talks about kinky sex these two are bound to rock the trailer. Compatibility Rating = 10.

This is a match mad in heaven!!!! Click click click. thy just click. Sagittarians give the Aquarians the freedom they so desire making for a great long term relationship. Thogether they can conquer the world since they both see it in the same light.
Compatibility Rating = 10

They both love to be free, together and apart. As long as the Aries knows when to shut up, and the Aquarian lets the Aries take the lead these two can work a great romance. work it out you two!!!
Compatibility Rating = 10

Aquarius stay away from Capricorn. They both know very well who they are. Aquarians want to be free and Capricorns want to control. Booo BOOO! Can they compromise, hmmm, very unlikely.
Compatibility Rating = 2

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