Ass-trological Match - Capricorn

Capricorn is a great sign to marry. They sure are good in the long run. Make sure to always make them smile and they will love you forever. Here are Capricorn's love matches.

Capricorns are like old ladies, they have a great deal of patience and the Taurus completely respects it. Romance sparks fly at the onset of the first meeting. They're inclined to "get it on" on the first night, which is rare for the Taurus who can be as slow as a snail when it comes to sweeping someone of their feet. This is a good bet for a marriage. Compatibility Rating = 10.

This might not be the most exciting pair but it makes for a great marriage. Pisces can be a bit flighty spending the Capricorns hard earned money which could result in a bit of drama; nothing that can't be settled between the sheets. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Scorpio/Capricorn – These two know how to passionately stimulate each other. Scorpio's dog like loyalty guarantees the Capricorn's security. When the Scorpio is flexible to the Capricorn's demands makes for a great S&M connection. Get the whip out, they are bound to last.
Compatibility = 10

Virgo/ Capricorn
Two logical minds at work. They love each other's quick intellect and sharp mind not to mention fellatio. If they can learn to take the stick out of their asses they will be in great shape. Make sure to tell each other how you truly feel.
Compatibility: 9

Capricorn stay away from Aries!!!

These two have an explosive romance!!!! Ted Danson might have been the boss but these two bump heads as they both try to lead. They both try so hard to convince the other that they are right that two wrongs don't make a right. Sex can be lots of fun between the two but that's where the fun ends.
Compatibility = 1

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