Ass-trological Match - Libra

"It's not my fault. It's not fair. I can't and won't take all the blame." These are a few things you might hear from a Libra. They constantly try to balance every situation, as well as their life, to the point where you just want to smack them or kiss them to shut them up. If romance you want, they deliver. Poetry? No problem. Libras have a sensibility about them that is irresistible. They ain't too shabby in bed neither. Their official pass time is sex. Here you go Libras, a list of your best and worse matches. Enjoy.

These two people attract each other sexually right from the start. Libra is generous with the attention and Leo just eats it up. These two are very compatible. Just get married already! Compatibility Rating = 10

Some hate Libra's crazy passionate and romantic ways but Aquarians eat it up. Aquarians hate stupid people - good thing the Libras love to learn new things. Aquarians want to make the world a better place, Libras want to make it fair. These two make a lovely pair in the bedroom as well as outside as long as the Aquarians learn to settle down. Compatibility Rating = 10

These two are well suited for one another like peanut butter and jelly or Whitney Houston and crack. They are compatible in everyday life as well as in the bedroom. They can both see two sides to each story. Gemini love Libra’s passion both in love and under the sheets. Enough to make you gag. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Libras, stay away from:

Libra/ Scorpio
In the beginning the relationship sparkles because the Libra loves the sexual intensity by the Scorpio. Scorpio's tendency to want to control can rub the Libra the wrong way. Tough choice my little scales, great sex or freedom? Not a good match but at least one Hot one night stand! Compatibility Rating = 2

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