How to Finance Gender Reassignment Surgery

We get many emails every week, some where we are presented with a question we just don't know how to answer. Being that this is Transgender week here at we thought it appropriate to post an email we received recently
Here is an email from Victoria

Dear Adrian/Amnesia

Hello, saw your video on You Tube, I was just wondering if you knew or had any friends who have gone thru gender reasignment? And if so, how do they save or come up with funding to do so????? I have lost 250 plus lbs. and need surgery to look normal & feel better about myself .... to transform myself sort of speak...
however it is so expensive, so I have looked to the transgender community for help or hope.... I look at You Tube video's and there seem to be alot of people going thru these operations & I was wondering how they are finding funds to have surgerys????? my surgery would be around 50k or so... to have a bodylift surgery... not covered by insurance do you have any sugestions or helpful info on ideas of how to fund my surgery???? Just wondering so I saw your address to email & that is what I am doing. Your other half Amnesia is lovely and you do a wonderful job with her, I liked the video of you & your Mom getting ready to go the clubs, very sweet & your Mom is beautiful as well!!!! I like your drag and you do a beautiful job with your makeup very pretty!!! Well I hope that you will respond, with any information that you have... or that your friends may know of... it would be greatly appreaciated!!!! Thanks agian & I really like your work!

Wishing you Good Health, Good Fourtune, and Good Hair Days too!!!!

Sincerely your fan,


Well, Victoria I won't lie, I really don't know the answer to that question but I did a little search for you not just because you took the time to write to us but also because this is something we feel we should know.  It seems the folks over at have come up with an answer click HERE. The beauty of the internet is that your question is now posted on this site where others that have gone through the process can chime in and tell us if they agree with eHow's advice.

Victoria we may not know you personally but we admire anyone that goes after their dreams. We may lead a busy life and it may take us months to return emails but please keep us updated with your progress. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for such a lovely email.


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