Korella Devylle and Dirty Sanches!

watch high quality click HERE

Here is a late night delight. Even though this week is all about transgender folk here on GenderFun.com I thought I toss in a cute boy in drag in the mix. I guess you can say he's trans, at least in this video he is, because he is transcending all sorts of cuteness:-)

This beautiful creature is Korella DeVylle aka Korey from the 5awesomegays on Youtube. What is 5awesomegays? Think of it as five cute gay guys in their mid twenties getting together each week, each on a different day, to talk and shoot the shit. I won't tell you my favorite of the bunch... actually, I don't have only one favorite.

check them out on youtube http://www.youtube.com/5awesomegays
Here is Korey's channel http://www.youtube.com/greyk2

maybe I'll have them on my show some day.

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