Kyle's Story

Last year I was giving away some Rupaul books, a giveaway I will be repeating this year.
When a young man named Kyle found out about the giveaway he emailed me.

My name is kyle, I'm 21 yrs old and i live in Philadelphia. I just wanted to say first and foremost how much of a inspiration you are. You are a breath of fresh air because you have something that not a lot of people have today......PERSONALITY!!! You're not afraid to be yourself and tell it like it is and i admire that (Plus your super cute LOL). The other reason why i'm sending you this message is because it would mean THE WORLD to me if i could get one of those RuPaul books that you are giving away. You see i'm in the process of becoming a drag queen/female impersonator and i would love to read the book to get some in sight on the drag world and tips from THE drag queen herself. You wouldn't know how much it would mean to me! I've been looking for the book everywhere here. I went to 3 places where they said on the internet they had it but they were sold out of it. If you could find it in your heart to push me "ahead of the class" then i would be the happiest fag drag alive LOL! Thanks again for reading this. I know your a busy man and i really appreciate it! :)

So naturally I replied

Dear Kyle,
pushing you to the head of the class would be cheating...but we've all cheated in the past haven't we? :-)

I will send you a copy of Ru's book under one condition. You need to write a 500 word essay telling me what drag means to you. Why you want to do drag or why you do drag. How your family and friends feel about you doing drag. Also, do you have a drag name yet? What is it and how it came to you.

I love to hear personal stories about the art of drag and those beautiful people that want to keep it alive.

I sent him the book and guess what? he wrote a short story for all of us to enjoy.

Click HERE to read it.

Thank you Kyle and I wish you the best.
big big hugs

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