TBL: Restroom Discrimination

In this week's show we talk about public restrooms.
Here's a little story for ya.

I was at a restaurant not too long ago and as I walked into the men's rest room, which had a urinal and a stall, I noticed there was a female washing her hands. It shocked me for a second since this wasn't a sinlge person ocupany restroom and there was no lock on the door. The shock brought out the following words out of my mouth "Oh, don't mind me I'm gay anyway," as if saying "you're safe around me lady." I was not affraid. But imagine if it was the other way around. if a male was in the ladies restroom? what then?

Well, transgender indivdials are harrased and even arrested every year for using the "wrong" restroom.

I believe there should be three types of public restrooms. A male restroom, a female restroom, and a gender free one-person-occupancy restroom that anyone can use without fearing being harassed or arrested.

I know some people are going to have a problem with the idea of a third restroom because they will see it as a "separate drinking fountain," except this drinking fountain is not limited to some, on the contrary, it is open to all.

what do you think?

Helena Stone was arrested for using the restroom while working in Grand Central. Listen to her tell her story with her attorney, TLDEF executive director Michael Silverman, on Gay USA

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