Zach, Attack of the Sass!

Did you ever watch the movie White Chicks?
Do you know what "Blackface" is?
Well, Blackface is the opposite of what happens in the movie White Chicks.
Where am I going with this? Well, since this week we here at GenderFun are discussing racism I would like to share with you what I find to be a rather entertaining performance.

The below is a video of Zachary. Zachary is very, and we mean, VERY talented. In the video Zachary lip-syncs to Shirley Q Liquor's telling a hilarious story.

In case you didn't know, Shirley Q is a character played by Charles Knipp. Charles is a white man. However, Shirley is a big black sassy lady. Who doesn't like a big black sassy lady? Name one hater of big black sassy ladies.

Anyway this is what Zach has to say in regards to him parodying Charles character Shirley Q:

"I started doing these videos as a joke for my sister when I started my YouTube Channel. For whatever reason they are wildly popular so I kept doing them. Some of Shirley's loyal fans get mad that I've lip-synced her work...misunderstanding my vids as an attempt to leech off her popularity. The truth is, my skits are intended to honor and pay homage to a comedic genius. And the REAL Shirley understands that...she periodically posts links to my skits on her website. So as long as the original artists enjoys my parody, I will keep making them!"

Now, if you divorce yourself from the fact that blackface may be offensive then there is no way you can't agree that Zach is a riot. Wait, saying riot in the same post as blackface might bring images of Rodney King to mind...I wonder if people remember that?

video is a must see.

ps - we may disagree on whether the video is offensive but there is one thing we can both agree on, and that is that Zach is a handsome devil. mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

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