Ass-trological Match - Gemini

HELLO MY DEAR SPARKETTES! Amnesia here coming to you with a nugget that is sure to be as effective as any over the counter laxative. Today I will tackle the love matches for Gemini! OH YES!

Chances are you know someone that is a Gemini. These schizophrenic creatures were born between May 22- Jun 21. Overall characteristics are: friendly, social, open to many discussions, sometimes they have a hard time dealing with the "real issues," not a homebody, and last but certainly not least, they are FREAKS in bed.

These two have mental intercourse! The Aquarius hates stupid people and the Gemini's knowledge of more than trivial matters makes him irresistible. Gemini's flightiness is ground by the Aquarius well planned visions. Both are pretty independent and won't tie each other down unless it's in bed ;) If the Gemini shows his knowledge and the Aquarius talks about kinky sex these two are bound to rock the trailer. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Leo LOVES attention and Gemini will give them just that. Both are outgoing, playful, amorous and love crack, I mean life. Gemini will give Leo the space they need. Leo needs to be careful with their bossiness, they can be such bitches at times. Gemini on the other hand could use the direction. However, in bed anyone can rule! Compatibility Rating = 10.

These two are well suited for one another like peanut butter and jelly or Whitney Houston and crack. They are compatible in everyday life as well as in the bedroom. They can both see two sides to each story. Gemini love Libra's passion both in love and under the sheets. Enough to make you gag. Compatibility Rating = 10.

These two won't bore each other fast. Although a sexual escapade could prove to be fun they are better suited in friendship. They both love to explore the world in which they live. They can be two superficial twats sometimes or have a heavy discussion about the supernatural and quantum physics. But they rather talk about sex. Twats! Compatibility Rating = 8

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