Ass-trological Match - Pisces

HELLO YA'LL!! Do you smell that? Something's fishy around here! It's time to talk about the little fish with big dreams. If you are a lesbian or if you have a fish in your life you know they are very special creatures. Pisces are or like to think of themselves as psychic, clairvoyants and or empathic. I simply think they are nuts! They will agree to being a little crazy too. These strange creatures can walk in a room and feel the energy or aura and adjust to their surroundings. It's hard to keep secrets from them since their sixth sense is sure to reveal it all. If you can put up with their constant living in a dream state they sure make for good company. Just don't ask them to make any decisions.

Here are your best matches you fishes:

HOT SMOKE THESE TWO ARE HOT! The Scorpio might be a bit stingy when it comes to spending mula on the Pisces dreams but in the long run it's the stability and security that keeps the Pisces enraptured in the Scorpio's sexual nature. As Tom Cruise would say to Renee Zellweger "You complete me." Compatibility Rating = 10.

This might not be the most exciting pair but it makes for a great marriage. Pisces can be a bit flighty spending the Capricorns hard earned money which could result in a bit of drama; nothing that can't be settled between the sheets. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Pisces individuals are drawn to Cancerian's sense of home, health and well-being. Pisces feel secure, as the Cancer likes to take charge. They will tend to have a pretty home and fun adventures out on the town. They may not go jumpin out of a airplane together but don't be surprised to find them sitting in the sun at the beach sipping on margaritas. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Taurus's practical down to Earth nature secures the ever so sensitive Pisces. Taurus is just what the Pisces needs when it comes to making a decision. This pair makes a great match for the grand scheme of things, especially if the Taurus can tolerate the Pisces dreamy lofty ideas! Patience Bulls don't swallow the fish. Compatibility Rating = 8.

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