Ass-trological Match - Scorpio

There is something so very sexual about a Scorpio! The way they talk, the way they walk, the way the F%#@! A good Scorpio knows how to save money on lube and condoms and will give you a ride you'll never forget. Is sex the only thing that interests the Scorpio, you may ask, the answer is "NO": they also like foreplay. Scorpios are also wonderful sweet, caring, and loyal individuals but don't cross them or they'll definitely sting you. Here are the amorous matches for Scorpio. Enjoy.

Scorpio/Pisces – this relationship is a ten! Scorpio makes the Pisces feel secure and rocks their world in the bedroom at the same time. Best advice for the fish is not to make the scorpion jealous, or they'll sting you good.
Compatibility = 10

Scorpio/Cancer – one word, FIREWORKS! These two create a rich and passionate home life, enough to make you gag. These two are so sensitive to the cosmos they cry when a vegetable cries.
Compatibility = 10

Scorpio/Capricorn – These two know how to passionately stimulate each other. Scorpio's dog like loyalty guarantees the Capricorn's security. When the Scorpio is flexible to the Capricorn's demands makes for a great S&M connection. Get the whip out, they are bound to last.
Compatibility = 10

Scorpio/Virgo – Scorpio loves the Virgo's security and stability and Virgos love the Scorpio's sexual energy. These two possess the makings for a potentially long-term love affair with lots of condoms and lub.
Compatibility = 7

Scorpio stay away from LEO

Scorpio/Leo – Drama from day one. Scorpio tries to run the show but leader Leo won't have none of it. They both are fierce in the bedroom but that's where the similarities end.
Compatibility = 1

Here's an interesting fact: although they were never lovers, to my knowledge, Rupaul (Scorpio) and Lady Bunny (Leo) were once roommates. If the stars are correct these two must have had at least one nasty diva catfight between them! What I wouldn't give to hear a juicy story. Maybe if Lady Bunny would hurry up and write a memoir already! BUNS WRITE A BOOK ALREADY! If your friend Pamela Anderson can write books so can you damn it!

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