Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TBL: Boycott Love?

Don't turn your back on Love! I know this might sound a bit dramatic but STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE!!!
Today when I asked a friend what he and his boyfriend would be doing on Valentine's day I got this response:

"i protest valentine's day. hallmark. but (insert boyfriend name here) and i plan to have flip f#^& time on friday night instead. then sat we will avoid one another."

Now we all have the right to celebrate or not celebrate any given man-made-holiday but ... protest LOVE????!!!!

Here was my reply

"I would boycott Valentine's day but I really need the excuse to stop working that day and spend some quality time with Galvan."

You see, we spend way too much time working which in turn leaves very little time with our loved ones. We have lots of dreams and ,goals, places to meet, things to see, and people to do... wait that didn't sound quite right. We are super ambitious. Naturally, if you spend most of your time working then there is little time for play.

I don't subscribe to the commercialism behind Valentines day but I do enjoy the idea of taking at least one day out of the year to focus it on LOVE. To feel the energy that comes from LOVING. That feeling you get knowing that even though it is the craziest and probably the dumbest of emotions it is the one that is worth sharing with someone else. Especially in these hard times.

I know how fortunate I am to have someone to spend this Valentines day with but I wasn't always this lucky.

If the only person you think you have on this Valentines is yourself remember, YOU are the one person you should always LOVE, no matter how many stupid mistakes you've made... and if you're like me you've made plenty of them which I'll tell you on National Stupid People Day