A Drag Queen's Penis

By Amnesia Sparkles

A Drag Queen's Penis is hard to find
Tucked away in the corner of your mind

I feel the tape as it holds me down
A prisoner under a Chanel gown

Two balls pressed against my face
In an asshole of a place

I hear the music about to start
I hope the bitch doesn't fart

She struts her stuff and forgets I'm there
Buried deep in her underwear

I hide and wait for the applause
But before the curtain call I pause
For they can never see my head
Or all the tears I've shed
For my absence has made Divas shine
From Rupaul to miss Divine

So when you see a Drag Queen perform
Don't forget what is the norm
To hide one's pride to imitate
Honey, no girl without a dick can look this great!

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