Since this week is all about Rupaul and Drag what better time than to share with you an amazing story that came to us from the sweet, sexy, and fun Justin Gentges aka Candi Darling.
It's a must read!

Well I decided to go to The Necto in Ann Arbor in drag. I used to do
it all the time but since being a showcast performer at Caesars' in
Toledo it had been a while. It was a great time I got so much
attention from everyone except this guy I was going out with, he got
freaked out and broke up with me cause I looked so much like a girl.
As I was driving home from the bar very much intoxicated and slightly
pissed off I went through a red light. As soon as I realized my faux
pas a cop came right behind me and pulled me over.
I was freaking out I was in drag!
I roll down my window and the cop asked if I had been drinking which I
lied (very badly by the way). He asked for my license and I of course
pull it out of my purse. I hand it to him and he looks at it then me
over and over. Not only was I in drag but I was in a sequence cocktail
dress and I didn't want to ruin the sequence so I had it hiked up
around my waist so I wouldn't sit on it and yes the cop was seeing my tucked up goodies anyway.
He goes back to his car and I am freaking out...Is he going to make me
do a breathalyzer? or make me walk a line?
I was in stilettos in the middle of a gravel parking lot!
He comes back to my car and says: "Well I don't have time to go thru
the drunk procedure with you but if you feel you are then you should
go home"
I can't believe I lucked out so in conclusion
The power of drag will set you free.

Justin Gentges

Thanks Justin for your contribution. Oh, and next time, be a good queen, get a designated trick to drive you home.

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