When Amnesia Met Ru

It's so weird to read this after almost 5 years. Here it is from the old Amnesia blog which is now long gone. Amnesia doesn't even remember she ever used to write on it.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

One of the perks of living in New York City is you have the opportunity to meet celebrities in the most random locations. I’ve had a few celebrity sightings such s John Cameron Mitchell, Molly Shannon, and Scott Wolf but none compare to the fabulous diva I met this past Saturday. I never thought I’d be the type to fall star struck however this was Supermodel of the world, and damn she was hot!

After hitting the gym and meeting up with my friend FX and Brazilian cutie Alex we decided to mossy down to the Chelsea piers to relax. I grabbed a few slices of pizza and ate on the way while enjoying the splendid warm sun. FX was feeling a bit under the weather so we decided to walk him over to the subway stop on Christopher and 7th AVE. Alex craved an ice Chai from Starbucks, but where would we find a Starbucks in the city? OH, YEAH, there is one in every freaking corner now a days. After a happy Chai moment we headed to the pier.

Suddenly, Alex points out a very tall, black individual with some fab shades that was coming out of the subway station. It didn’t register right away but when he repeated the name it hit me like a semi-truck.

Rupaul was standing a few feet away from us.

She crossed the street in the direction of the pier and the excitement between Alex and I grew tenfold. She stopped short, opened the door to the CVS drugstore on the corner and stepped inside. Alex asked me if I’d go up to her and say hello as I was already digging into my gym bag for my wallet. I pulled out a business card and in I went.

Fragments of sentences began to form in my mind but none that would make a complete coherent sentence. I approached her slowly as she was searching through the shelves for God knows what as I found the courage to speak.

"Ru" I said before I reached her.

She didn’t acknowledge me right away. So I got a bit closer. She turns to me, takes off one of the IPOD earpieces and looks at me as I repeat.

"Rupaul?" I ask in disbelief.

The next part was a blur. I extend my hand to shake hers, she does the same and as I forget to introduce myself I simply go straight into:

"I just wanted to say congratulations on the new single it’s great." Referring to the high energy "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous" from her highly anticipated CD "Red Hot."
"I can’t wait to get it," I said while shaking a little.

The next part baffled me. As I pause to catch my breath she spoke.

"Amnesia?" she said in an inquisitive manner.

I was speechless. I don’t think she even had enough time to read my business card which showed the link to my website yet she spoke my name.

I smiled in disbelief confirming her inquiry and I continued to thank her for every thing.

"Awh, thank you darling," she replied with such grace as she held my hand.

Enjoy your stay in New York, I said as I started to walk away in an adrenaline rush.

Aex who was looking over the entire time pretending to be shopping, joined me as we headed out.

I’ve always found fans that meet their idols completely ridiculous especially when they brake down and start crying hysterically but now I understand the excitement.

The first book I ever read from cover to cover was "Letting it all Hand Out," by Rupaul and I still remember the part when Rupaul meets her idol Diana Ross. I realize that celebrities are people too, people that stop at a drug store to buy the necessary supplies but sometimes they too are the drug that keeps us fans going in our own pursuits.

Thank you Rupaul for being such an inspiration. And honey you do look good and by God you made me feel gorgeous.

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