Ass-trological Match - Taurus

HELLO MY DEAR SPARKETTES! Amnesia here coming to you with a bunch of BULL Today I will tackle the love matches for Taurus! OH YES!

Chances are you've fallen for a Bull before. These special creatures are the sugar daddies of the zodiac. They are so good with money they make Donald Trump look like a cheep hooker. They may not be the most creative in bed but they are sure to rock your world once, twice, maybe even three times in one night. You tell a bull how you want it and they aim to please. Here are the best love matches for Taurus:

God bless the Taurus, for they can put up with the Cancer's moodiness. Together they can turn a house into a home. They may not be too adventurous when together but if the Cancer is inclined to party the Taurus is there. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Capricorns are like old ladies, they have a great deal of patience and the Taurus completely respects it. Romance sparks fly at the onset of the first meeting. They're inclined to "get it on" on the first night, which is rare for the Taurus who can be as slow as a snail when it comes to sweeping someone of their feet. This is a good bet for a marriage. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Don't ask a Pisces to make a decision or you'll be waiting forever. Thankfully the Taurus can guide the Pisces in the right direction. If the Taurus can put up with the dreamy lofty ideas of the Pisces they can rock it out. Compatibility Rating = 8.

Talk about homebodies! These two can make it a blockbuster night every night. But after the movie is over, sometimes in the middle, they are inclinded to shake the walls. HORNY BULLS! The risk they face is boredom. Be aware of that fact, do something about it and you got it! Compatibility Rating = 7.

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