Real Men Fight on YouTube?

Do you like drama? Of course you do, even if you say you don't. How can I be so sure that you like cat fights? Because drama is what makes a story move along. Without drama there is no story. SO, here's a little story that will tickle your pants.

There once was a gay guy named John who made a video about gay stereotypes (see below)

That was pretty GAY right? And by that we mean homosexual, not RETARDED, which we are told RETARDED is now the new FAG. How does one keep up with these terms? Anyway, after John posted that charming video about being ok with sticking a penis in his mouth, Chris got all fired up and made a video response (see below)

We must admit that showing butch photos of Neil Patrick Harris (who is a homo) from an Out Magazine shoot to the tune of Rupaul's "Supermodel" was a nice touch . Chris goes on a rant about the possible intentions of the magazine to butch up Doogie Howser.

"I hate that so much. this dumb idea that if you're gay you got something against you that you need to balance out with something else. like just being gay and being who you are is not going to work"

Of course we are a very fair and balance source of gender news so we would never choose a side on such a trivial homo fight but we do have to give props to Chris for defending the sissy boys.

But was there a need to yell at John about it? Was John actually hating on fem guys?

Well, it doesn't matter what the intentions were because John took offense to Chris's video and out came the claws!!

John looks into the camera and then he addresses Chris and says this to him "You piss me off... get over it dude"

eeek!!! SLAP! BOOM!! Claws are out now!!!!

So what will happen next? Will Chris give him the old one-two one-two fist in the pooper? Will John strangle Chris with his "dude bandana?" We will try to bring you the latest on this sassy sassy fight! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: This just in!!! Chris made another video! And the title says it all.

UPDATE: This is priceless. John made another video but this time he brings in his MAMA!!!! OMG!!! WTF?
Wait, wait, don't judge. just watch the video

How cute was that? We want John's mom to have her own Youtube channel!!!! COME ON JOHN'S MOM!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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