Are You Hungry!

You might remember the Amnesia tribute video made by one of our fantastic German fans a while back. We won't lie, we found it a bit strange but we were super flattered.

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Recently we found out that we were featured on a popular Hungarian site. Our Hungarian is a little rusty these days so we got one of our friends to get one of her friends to translate it for us.

Here is what the Hungarians are saying about us. (Its more fun to read it with a Hungarian accent. I don't know how a Hungarian accents sounds like so I read it with a Russian accent.)

Adrian L. Acosta is an odd figure. Performer, photographer, author, make-up master, real artist.
Onto getting out of making a step on the undermentioned video can be observed, how Amnesia is transformed
Sparkles-sé. (he the beautiful lady who took the liberty and it started American Idol on a talent scout) to the transformation which can be seen on the video similar one hardly I saw it till now, simply fantastic. What the contact Adrian L. Acosta and
Between Amnesia Sparkles, I was not really able to discover it. Whether the two persons one and same thing?

Translated by Amy B.

We're not 100% sure Hungarians are crazy about us being that they called us an "odd figure" but we will take that as a compliment!

Thank you Hungary we are very humbled. You sure know how to feed our hearts.
much love from New York

ps - This just in: Our photography was mentioned on City Scoops. Thanks City Scoop and Soce!

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