Ass-Trological Match - Aries

This week we bring you the love matches for Aries. We know a thing or two about this because, well, we are an Aries...well, Amnesia is more of a Pisces. Anyway, here ya go, enjoy

There is very little conflict between these two. They both love the flashy side of life. If they can make it work in the bedroom they can have it all. FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Compatibility Rating = 10

They both love to be free, together and apart. As long as the Aries knows when to shut up, and the Aquarian lets the Aries take the lead these two can work a great romance. work it out you two!!!
Compatibility Rating = 10

They are the bossy bitches, not a good match unless there is compromise. It usually works out if one plays pilot and the other co-pilot. It usually ends up being the Aries to fall in the latter category. In bed it could be a whole different story. Compatibility Rating = 8

These two won't bore each other fast. Although a sexual escapade could prove to be fun they are better suited in friendship. They both love to explore the world in which they live. They can be two superficial twats sometimes or have a heavy discussion about the supernatural and quantum physics. But they rather talk about sex. Twats! Compatibility Rating = 8

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