Ass-trological Match - Sagittarius

OH Sagittarius how we love you! From Britney Spears to Chris Crocker!!! Here are Sagittarius' love match!

There is very little conflict between these two. They both love the flashy side of life. If they can make it work in the bedroom they can have it all. FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! Compatibility Rating = 10

This is a match mad in heaven!!!! Click click click. thy just click. Sagittarians give the Aquarians the freedom they so desire making for a great long term relationship. Thogether they can conquer the world since they both see it in the same light.
Compatibility Rating = 10

Sagittarius/ Leo
The optimism abounds in this loving relationship. They both possess a sunny, bright disposition. Together they are like cheerleaders on speed. They are like girlfriends that finish each other's sentences. It’s enough to make you gag. Compatibility Rating = 10

These two make a great pair! Sagittarians are known for really liking themselves. They feel free in the relationship and that makes for a fun time.
Compatibility = 10

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