Ass-trological Match - Virgo

Here it is, from Justin to Beyonce!!! Virgos are one hot sign!

Both seek perfection in a relationship: It's like two Nazis going at it at Love. They are both responsible and serious and can bring the best out in each other. They are like Bloody Siamese twins that suck each other's titties.
Compatibility: 10

Together they are the lazy boy chair of relationships. The two mates balance each other out like cocaine and weed. Compatibility: 10

Virgo/ Capricorn
Two logical minds at work. They love each other's quick intellect and sharp mind not to mention fellatio. If they can learn to take the stick out of their asses they will be in great shape. Make sure to tell each other how you truly feel.
Compatibility: 9

Horny Virgos are intrigued by Scorpio deeply passionate sexuality. Scorpios dig Virgo's security and stability If they focus on sex and not so much on the boring stuff they can definitely have a successful long term relationship
Compatibility: 7

Virgos, stay away from Geminis.

This is the proverbial parent child relationship: Geminis are playful little bastards and Virgo's seek stability. Virgos try to run the show but Geminis are impossible. Virgos usually give up...however if you like to have a Daddy or you like to be a Daddy then this might just work.
Compatibility: 1

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