Fight Prop 8, Get a Sex Change.

We were going through, as we usually do daily, when we came across the above video of Top Model contestant Isis. You see, Isis was a pre-op transexual when she was on America's Next Top Model but now thanks to Tyra she is "ALL WOMAN!!!" YAY good for her. And as you saw on the video her man proposed to her!!! ISIS IS GETTING MARRIED.

This of course made us wonder all sorts of questions but one question in particular danced about in our heads.

"If a post-op transsexual gets married will the marriage receive full federal benefits?"

Thankfully we have a lawyer friend whom we can trust to answer all our questions. This is what he said:

for the most part, yes.
most state courts evaluating the issue have held that a person's biological sex upon marriage is final. some state courts have heard cases where marraiges were challenged in that the birth certificate shows a different sex, but those are few and far between.

To which we replied:

so when an oponent of gay marriage say that marriage should only be between a man and a woman they are actually including transgender women as well? so in essence what the conservatives are saying is that two men are not to get married unless one of them undergoes a sex change?

so in essence Conservatives are advocating sex changes?
are they aware of this or is there a flaw in my logic?

To which he replied with:

well, basically that's true.
in fact, in turkey and iran, homos are often killed, so many actually go through sex changes just so they can be with the person they love.

and then it was our turn

I guess we homos were fighting prop 8 all wrong. instead of using the money to fight prop 8 we should have used that money to give sex changes to a bunch of queens . gee, do I have to think of everything?

and then he said:

honey - i dont ever want to lose my penis. i love it. nor do i want to be with anyone who doesn't have one.

and then we said:

if you were serious about gay marriage you'd be willing to give up your dick! you are one selfish homo!

on a serious note. we do have it so much easier than peeps in the middle east.

Stay strong brothers and sisters over seas.  


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