Gays Save the Economy!

New York gets destroyed pretty much in every disaster movie either by some temperamental aliens or some Al Gore type natural disaster. Many religious heads might have you believe that Gay Marriage is the worst type of doom for any city! We wouldn't be surprised if a hardcore Christian would rather an alien anal probe then to let them gays marry. But what if Gays could save the economy?

Did you know that New York is having a bit of trouble with their public transportation , and issues with the city's water. Looks like they both need money from the state.

Well, fear not you homo fearing New Yorkers, we've come up with the solution!

If you legalize same sex marriage in the State of New York then you could use the money from all the gay marriage licenses (estimated over $5 million) towards helping alleviate the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) cost and/or the city water cost for ALL NEW YORKERS!!

Here is some simple math.

It's hard to say how many gays there are in the state of New York at this time. We estimate there are over 19 million people living in the state of New York so let's say that a small fraction of that about 592,000 are gay .

Lets say a quarter of that would actually get marriage licences
which brings the number to 148,000 gays.
According to the City Clerk's website each marriage license is $35
Multiply that by 148,000 gay couples that are willing to marry and the State of New York will make a whopping $5,180,000

Now you can't tell me that the state can't use over $5 million dollars to take care of the current problems with public transportation , and/or issues with the city's water now can you?

If you ask someone who opposes gay marriage "would you support same sex marriage in the state of New York if the state used the money from same sex marriage licenses (an estimated $5 million dollars) to lower your subway fair?" I think some opponents might reconsider their position.

We know there's a lot of FEAR that same sex marriage might affect straight marriages and those fearful may have a point. Gay marriage might turn New York into "Pleasantville" where neighbors bake apple pies for each other. Where subway riders stand next to an empty seat saying "no no you take it. No please sir, why I couldn't, please take the seat I only have about 20 stops." The homeless will start smelling like cotton candy, and Staten Island will become the new Upper East Side.

Ok, that's a stretch but $5 million going to help the people of New York is a good thing and most importantly it's the right thing to do to save New York. And that's just a small fraction of the profits, we've not factored the direct spending from same-sex couples on weddings and tourism. If they would legalize same sex marriage in California (again) there is an estimated boost to the state's economy by over $683.6 million!!!!!! Imagine how much the boost would be for NEW YORK!

But hey, don't let us influence you. After all, if the gays can't save the economy I'm sure Will Smith will. He saves the world every summer doesn't he?

What's the worst that could happen if same sex marriage is legalized....oh, yeah, the video below

ps - Maybe Will Smith might not save the day but this other black guy might.

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