Monday, April 20, 2009

The Good the Bad and the Ugly!

Ladies Ladies Ladies, we're sure you've heard the name Susan Boyle by now, or as we like to call her, The New Paul Potts. Now let us first say that we understand that it takes A LOT of courage to stand in front of a panel of judges and sing.

We know a thing or two about getting in front of judges. Don't forget that in 2002 Amnesia got in front of Simon, Randy and Paula (seen below)

Going through that experience taught us plenty about "Reality TV." The word "reality" is really not all that real but more like Improv TV.

We here at believe in keeping the dream alive but we also believe in honesty. We won't say how much of the above audition was real and how much was forced but we will say that the following video was pretty much what in Drama Class we would call a fun "improv" that made for some fun TV.

Going back to ugly face Boyle. The magic is not that the producers did a fantastic job editing the clip, nor the fact that she's not the greatest of singers, no no, the magic lies in the fact that the show spotted a good story that would bring hope to the folk like you and I, folk that don't fit into the Hollywood stereotype. For that I say kudos!

Now that we examined the good and the bad let us turned to the Ugly!!

By now we're certain you've heard of Miss California. We don't think we want to get as ugly as Miss California so how about we leave it to you to tell us how you feel about this ugly ugly person?

Let's just say that we would prefer an ugly, unfunny Jay Leno in Drag imitating Susan Boyle than that bigot Miss California.

There was no editing in the word that could have saved Miss California. "Opposite Marriage" really, really?