Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Sister's Sex Tape!

We took the above picture when our sister was 15 years old. By the way that's her in the photo, just in case you needed clarification. This was...well, she's going to be 22 yrs old next month so we're guessing this was about 7 years ago. You do the math we're too busy writing this post.

We remember it well. It was about one in the morning, nothing to do, it was Florida and we were feeling creative. We asked her if she wanted to do a spontaneous photo shoot. She enthusiastically said yes. Then we proceeded to turn our 15 year old sister into some sort of middle eastern looking prostitute. If that's not every girls dream, I don't know what is.

Flash forward to now. Now there is a video of my sister having sex on camera with her boyfriend!!! She's made us so proud seeing her go after her dreams. It's one thing to play dress up by becoming a middle eastern prostitute for a photo shoot another thing is simulating intercourse in a video...or is it "on a video" ... well, she wasn't literally sitting on a video so it has to be "in a video" ...whatever, just watch the video below. Its hilarious!

The handsome guy in the video is her actual boyfriend in real life, which explains their on screen chemistry. The video was created by Eric Sheffield and Joey Albani who together promise to be the next John Waters...I wonder if John ever turned his sister into a prostitute.