Obama Tells Indian Women to Cut Husban's Penis Off

Here at GenderFun we like to bring you the cutting edge Gender related news! Today's story is about one of the Obamas. More specifically the Obama in the White House that doesn't have a Penis...wait, what sex is the Obama Dog?

Turns out that Michelle Obama is an inspiration to Indian Women! We are talking about Indian with a dot and not with a feather.

"She might be the first woman of color that females in male-dominated countries have seen as confident, bright, educated, articulate and persuasive," says Barbara Perry, author of "Jacqueline Kennedy: First Lady of the New Frontier."

Barbara Perry that might be true but don't let Oprah hear you say that, she will eat you alive - Literally! Oprah has been gaining weight which can only mean one thing, she be hungry. She will not allow any other woman to be a better role model than she.

Lets face it, the CNN article is simply blowing smoke up the first lady's ass, which we have no problem with, but we do have to ask ourselves why? Where is the real story here?

I'll tell ya where the real story is: Women need to stand up for their rights! In many countries Women and The Gays are on the bottom of the food chain.

Legal battles are the smart way to go about winning civil rights. Ya need to organize Ladies!!! Political avenues might be best: however, there are also bold statements women can make that are not political such as the example below. We don't advocate them but they do entertain us quite a bit ladies

Here is Lorena Bobbit telling Oprah about that fun time back in the 90s when she cut off her husband's penis and then threw it out the car window. Thank God she did! God forbid she get in a car accident because she wasn't able to hold a severed penis in on hand and drive with the other. After all, women don't have as much practice driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on a penis like men do.

QUESTION: Do you think it's ok for a lady who has been rape to cut off the penis of the man who raped her? Talk about a cutting edge question! We personally don't think revenge solves anything but in this case it would be harder for a man to rape another woman ever again... unless they attached the appendage then you might be SCREWED... literally

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