The Transformation Part 2

Hey guys it's Adrian here. I don't know if you ever got around to read the "ABOUT" section on this website but if you have, then you know that most of the motivation to start this site was due to the overwhelming positive response to The Transformation video two years ago.

Well, since then I've let myself go a bit in the fitness department. Of course everything is relative. I'm not saying that I went all Oprah on ya but I did get pretty flabby. That on it's own isn't that bad but I was drinking LOTS OF BOOZE and SMOKING lots of cigarettes!!! We took that road all the way down to unhealthyville.

Because of my body type I could hide most of the flabbiness but inside my body was crying out. It was saying "Be good to me, PLEASE!!!! NO MORE BOOZE AND SMOKES!!!!" So being that I like a good challenge, about a month ago I challenged myself. I started making some changes.

I've changed my diet, I'm exercising several times a week, I quit smoking, and I only hit the sauce no more than once a week. The last two mentioned are the hardest!

My goal is not to look like Mario Lopez in two months but we hope to have some improvement and to stay smoke free. Besides, Mario can't be human. just look at that body!!! CRAZY!!!!!

This transformation is by far our hardest. It feels like it's more of mind over matter.

If you are going through something similar, I wish you well. We can do this. We just have to keep our eye on the prize!

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