The TRUTH: Gender Fun Factory

We get tons of emails each week, and by that we mean a handful, thanks mom for sending us a Facebook friend request. When it's not our mom emailing us it's wonderful folk that at a glance you might think are on the "outside," as in the outskirts of society. We used to think that we too were on the "outside" but the more we think about it the "outside" can't be much different from the "inside" since we are all tossed together in this big bowl. We're like one big, sloppy, crazy tossed salad! BAM! We were dying to use that metaphor.

Anywho, the way we see it is that even on the outside you are still on the inside...somewhere. For example, if this is one of several visits to this site you are now officially on the inside of the GenderFun Factory, the GFF for short. We like the idea of a Factory more so than an Army. A factory seems more productive. What does this factory manufacture other than Fun you ask? More on that to come.

If this is your first time visiting this site then you might want to reconsider where you think you are, the inside or outside? You might think you are on the "inside" and we are on the "outside" but from our perspective you are on the outside...however, you are more than welcome to enter our factory of gender long as you are not afraid. Only the bravest and smartest can handle what comes with GENDER TRUTH! Are you MAN/WOMAN ENOUGH?

Then stick around and be part of the Gender Revolution!!! The biggest thing since...something that is big and impressive.

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