The Creative Tribe

It's funny how sometimes things pop up right after you've thought of them. For example, today we got a friend request from the very first person we ever came out to. Also today, we came across the above video about Tribes as we had started compiling a list of wonderful personalities we have been honored to have crossed paths with from Rupaul, to Dolly Parton, Paula Abdul, and even that evil evil man Perez Hilton.

We like to think that it is no coincidence that we've come in contact with these creative minds. Creative minds are like flies to honey, or is it bees to honey...I think it might be bears to honey...well, creative minds simply feed off of each other. I like to think that we are all part of a great big creative brain. So while we compile the wonderful list of who is in our "Creative Tribe" watch the above and think of who is in YOUR TRIBE and who you'd like in your Tribe in the future.


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