Ep#8 - Mmmm, Feeling Good (Self-Esteem)

This past weekend we caught two episodes of "I Want to Save Your Life" on the WE channel. We won't lie. We were in tears. Why would a thin person like us cry over some over weight "losers?" Because we too are the losers. You see, one of the biggest struggles obese people face is an internal struggle. That voice that says "I'm not worth it." We gays face the same voice. And usually that voice comes from a world that doesn't accept the Fat, the gays, the blacks, the women, the handicap, and just about anyone that is "different" or which they consider "weak."

We are here to tell you that YOU ARE WORTH IT SISTA!!!! And if you want to lose some pounds because you've reached an unhealthy weight then YOU CAN DO IT!!!

So take a break from all the negative thinking and watch this ridiculous video we made for you.


Episode #8 - originally posted Feb 23, 2009

This week we take a look back at episode #8 where Amnesia gives you some helpful tips on how to stay positive.
Adrian is joined by the talented rapper Soce, the Elemental Wizard.

To watch the entire Soce interview click HERE

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