Friday, May 22, 2009

Gangsta Meets Preppy Meets Lesbian AND Gay Icon!!

It's no secret that we have a crush on Justin Long and Natalie Portman but did you also know that there is a certain cute pop singer we go gaga for? That would be the adorable Jesse McCartney which we've loved ever since he was shirtless in his video "Beautiful Soul" years ago.

Back then it seemed inaproprient to like him since he was just a baby but now that he's got Ludacris on his track "How Do You Sleep" (video above) he clearly shows us he's become a man...signs of being a man: driving a hot rod, leather jacket, and having a rapper on your track!

Ellen found the collab between Jesse and Ludacris to be a bit strange until she heared that Ludacris was hanging out with Martha Stewart. Now it doesn't get any stranger than that right?

Try again!!! it seems our dear friend 50 cent (by "friend" we mean we would do whatever that big black men tells us to do), 50 seems to be wanting to collab with gay icon Bette Midler. Now how's that for an odd couple!

After seeing Eminem and Elton John together at the Grammy's years ago it shouldn't really surprise us.

Just look how cute he is