Friday, May 1, 2009

Making of The Transformation Part II

As some of you may know, a while back we started The Transformation Part II. Recently we started getting emails asking us what it is we are doing to get back in shape. So today we thought we share a few of our secrets with you.

First off, we use the following three tools religiously.

A scale to measure everything that goes into our body. And we mean EVERYTHING!!

Lose It! is an application that counts your food intake and it also factores in how many calories you burn each time you exercise. If you don't have an iPhone you can do what we did and get it on your iThouch iPod. It will change your life forEVER. Did we mention that it is a FREE application?

We started doing light exercise at first in order to wake up the muscles and then we moved on to an exercise plan. We are on week three of the P90x workout program. We won't lie, it is intense but we are convinced that it works. Think of it as boot camp training. It's pretty extreme!! No mercy!

We'll bring you more secrets soon; such as recipes and the types of foods we are eating and the foods to stay away from.

We still have a few more months before we reach our goals.

If you are on a diet or exercise plan we wish you much luck. YOU CAN DO IT!! Just stick with it! Also, feel free to let us know how your progress is coming along.