Tuesday, May 12, 2009

S for Shelly, B for Beautiful!

It's not the first time we mention the name Shelly Bort on this here humble site, and most likely it won't be the last. She is a phenomenal singer songwriter and one we adore. Last time Shelly made a super fun video as a response to The Word Game. Now it's our turn.

As some of you know we like to put pencil to paper and get all artsy fartsy from time to time.

Recently we were asked if we'd do the album cover for Shelly's new CD of original songs and we simply couldn't say NO. This is top secret stuff. We are so excited that we had to share this with you...even though we're in the middle of doing the art work.

Here is Shelly singing two of our favorite songs.

"Not Your Typical Valentine" by Shelly Bort

"This Small Room" by Shelly Bort

Make sure to check her out over at

and listen to the song "Ali and Ian" it's fantastic!!!

or you can see her sparkling face over at