Monday, May 25, 2009

A Show Worth Saving!

We are in difficult economic times, as everyone knows. With these times come a large number of TV shows that will be canceled because they can't generate ad revenue.

Today we came across the very fun show on Fox called "Glee."

It made us feel 15 years younger!!!! We know it's a bit on the cheesy side but it's got the stuff dreams are made of. We've not felt like this about a show since watching the "My So Called Life" pilot back in 1990 something.

I hope you take a 45 min break tonight, or sometime soon to watch the pilot. It's so sweet!

Join Glee on MySpace and help save this show from the claws of this sucky economy. Tell all your friends about it, and go crazy while you're at it and send FOX messages telling them we want more Glee.

If we can't have a little glee during these hard times what can we have?

Don't let dreams die.

watch the pilot below