Tao of Amnesia

The Tao of Amnesia.

1 - Number two is not as bad as it seems
2 - You are going to die
3 - You're not dead yet so have a little fun
4 - Find your fun, because Fun makes you smile
5 - Give a smile
6 - There was a great big mess before you were born and there will be a
great big mess after you die.
7 - Try to minimize the mess as much as you can while still doing #4
8 - Easiest way to help is by not making a bigger mess yourself
9 - If you make a mess ask your friends to help you clean it up, but make sure to keep #7 in mind
10 - Try not to kill anyone. If you have already, then read number 11
11- We all makes mistakes
12 - Don't be afraid of making mistakes...unless that mistake is killing someone
13 - Money doesn't grow on trees but it's made of trees, so plant a tree
14 - Just about anything is a drug that can kill you, some do it faster than others so pick your drugs wisely
15 - Know what you are consuming.
16 - Ask questions
17 - There is no way you can ever know it all but try to at least learn something new every day even if it’s regarding #14
18 - Learn to balance belief and doubt it’ll keep your hope alive.
19 - Number 18 is one of the most import ones aside from number 4
20 - Laugh at least once a day

May you go in peace grasshopper.

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