Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week in Rewind #18

Here is the week in rewind.

- She shine the spotlight on the Talent of Davidian Shaw who's latest video for Kollaboration is HOT HOT HOT

- Wolverine review and NEW MUSIC recommendation!

- We pulled out an old VIDEO with BEAUTY TIPS from the vault! J

- Since Dolly Parton had some exciting news we figured we'd bring ya the 2005 Dolly Parton interview conducted by Amnesia!!!

- Special Bonus Red Chair Montage video with Adrian, Amnesia, and Dralo!!! See the HOT MOVES!!!

- Before there was Shakira, before Ricky Martin, we were the original Spanish crossover! Watch us drop some Spanish!!

- We finish the week with a little something special for MOTHER'S DAY! A cheeky story of when we took our Mom to her very first GAY BAR!!!