Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week in Rewind #21

Here is the week in rewind.

- We started the week by retouching a HOT FREAKY PHOTO of singer songwriter Matt Frost!!!

- Finished a drawing that might end up being the CD Cover for Shelly Bort's new album

- We bring you some FREE Music 

- We recommend Fox's new TV show GLEE. It's a must see.

- Would you rather a guy with a Cat or a guy with a Dog? We also bring you Shirtless GUYS and cute dogs!!

- We recommend some ab exercises and some equipment that will help you get in shape.

- We place the spotlight on the hilarious Korey from the Five Awesome Gays. Korey as a princess is priceless.

- We take off our shirt in a video for our friend's band. a must see.

- Boys have a PENIS girls have a Vagina

- We look back at the time when Amnesia was a HOOKER!!! How far she's come.