Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week in Rewind #20

Here is the week in rewind.

- We brought back Episode #8 prompted after we had watch "I Want To Save Your Life" on WE TV. This silly episode might help if you're having some self-esteem issues.

- We were honored to be mentioned on the fantastic Catch Fire. check them out for sure.

- We asked you to guess this HOTTIE!!!. We'll reveal who it is next week.

- We celebrated two years of The Transformation, the video that prompted this humble site. We also brought you a shirtless update on The Transformation II.

- Awesome Makeup Tutorial by Melisa who brings us a "Pinup" look. A must see.

- Celebrated Cher's Birthday by bringing back the Amnesia and Dan Olson duet of the Cher and Peter Cetera song After All, Make sure to sing along.

- This week's viewer mail we bring you one of the hottest readers we have. Sexy before and after photos of Naeem who gives us Bollywood!

- Jesse McCartney, Ludacris, Bette Midler, Martha Stewart AND 50 Cent. Need I say more? Check it out!

- This week's "Skin" catagory we bring you a HOT GUY AT THE BEACH

- GOT MILK? We share a tip on the protein shake we've been drinking as a supplement during our workouts