Bruno Equals Queerface?????

Seems some are making a big stink about the new Bruno movie soon to be released, equating it to blackface.

Some seem to be using the word "stereotype" instead of "satire."  So we shall try to put this into perspective.

I for one, want to see the movie before I make my final judgement.
After all, Bruno actor Sacha Baron Cohen is not the first "actor" to play a role that is far different than he is in real life:  The list includes Dustin Huffman in "Tootsie," Robin Williams in "Mrs Doubtfire," the Wayans brothers in "White Chicks," Robert Downey Jr. in "Tropic Thunder" or virtually all straight actors who have ever played a homosexual character from tv shows such as "Queer as Folk" and "Will and Grace" to movies such as "Too Wong Fu."

If we are going to make a stink every time a straight actor plays a stereotypical gay role, then maybe we should also make a stick when a gay actor plays a stereotypical heterosexual roll.

If that's the case then say goodbye to Neil Patrick Harris's career.

btw - Funny fact. The above photo of Bruno reminded us of a photo we posed for years ago. Talk about a stereotypical gay photo.

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