Crazy Black Bitch

A while back we made a video (no longer on the net) where we used the label "African American" to discribe Naomi Campbell's race. BOY WERE WE WRONG.

One of the reasons we love being public is the fact that we have folk out there that are willing to correct us when we slip up.

Here is an email exchange with one such person.

Hi there again.

Sorry to reply 3 weeks later but I just caught this.

An African-American is a descendant of African slave that was forced to come to America, not to be confused with Africans that VOLUNTARILY immigrated from Africa AFTER slavery in the US ended.

Also, bare in mind that
'African-American' is an (ETHNICITY), like Italian or Irish-American etc, Naoimi Campbell IS a Black woman for sure, but she is NOT an African-American.

I wish that you could have met a girlfriend of mine who was from Nigeria, she would have given you and ear full if you called her an African-American, she would have quickly pointed out that she was Nigerian-American, a completely different ethnicity. Just like some people will mistakenly call Barack Obama an A-A but he is really Kenyan-American.

I am not attacking you, I respect you a lot, I just wanted to help you to understand.

Other than that, keep up the good work.

here is our reply:

I totally hear what you are saying.
It would be so much easier if someone like me could simply say "Black" instead of A-A or Nigerian-American, or Somalian American or all the other potential combinations.

People can be really touchy when it comes to race especially when someone like me mentions it...why do I say someone like me? why am I special? I'm not saying that I am, but to the outside world I look white, really white, I look like a big ol' cracker, but in reality I am Hispanic. was born and raised in a Hispanic home in a third world Spanish speaking country. yet because I look so white people automatically assume I must be white.
that's why a part of me gets really frustrated with racial issues, because with all the crossbreeding going on it seems silly to have to cling to one race when most of us are a mixture of different races and cultures.

at the end of the day though, sadly enough, it does come down to the shade of ones skin, and the slant in ones eyes, the curl in ones hair, and even the culture one portrays. and where the true discrimination comes from is in the classes we create and how we keep certain races, Blacks and Hispanics for example,on the bottom of the class scale. that truly bothers me.

it's clear that when discussing Naomi's skin color I should have refrained from trying to put her in a racial category and simply have described her skin as dark, smooth, and wonderful...even if that crazy black bitch threw a phone at someone. lol which has nothing to do with race really. didn't Russell Crowe also through a phone at someone? And that motherfucker is white and from New Zealand...which btw has many Asians, but not that many Blacks and Hispanics I believe.

thanks for carrying enough to write to me.

big hugs my friend.

ps - read about Black Cocks in NZ HERE


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