Don't Rain on My Parade!

Yesterday we asked

It all begs the question: IF we are all the same, IF we are all ONE, then why is it that we feel the need to pick a month out of the year to celebrate something that points out our "differences"? Does this mean that the rest of the year we should celebrate our "oneness" with the Universe?

Here's a fun little exchange we had.

AARON: : "because individuality is more or less the most prized possession of the american people. we all should be ONE but we shouldn't all be the same. celebrate the differences and relish them. this, in addition to the educational value of diversity months - teach others about struggle, perseverance and progress.

and besides, what other diversity parade has so many half naked men?"

ADRIAN: "hmmm so a parade, such as the gay pride parade, what it does is remind us that even within one group (lets say the gays) there are all these different types of people (a rainbow if you would) and that even though we all come from the same place each of us IS a unique world within ourselves?"

AARON: specifically that parade? yes. it also is just a celebration of our freedom to be who we are - pride is about visiblity and being in the streets who we are in gay bars and in our homes.

ADRIAN: you have to hand it to the gays. I mean, who else throws such over the top parades? seriously! Well, I suppose a pride parade is similar to mardi gras in a lot of ways. similar in their decadence.

Now if you are a heterosexual with the belief that the gays are out to "convert" heterosexuals into homosexuals then what you are basically saying is that you think homosexuality is a choice. And if it's a choice then you as a heterosexual can then choose to be gay. But really ask yourself as a heterosexual would you really be able to participate in homosexual behavior? More often than not the answer is probably yes...however, would it be something that you'd enjoy? Probably yes. But is it something that is TRUE to who you are? Probably not.

At the end of the day you have to be true to yourself and if your truth is a heterosexual one then you have to come to the acceptance that not everyone is like you in the sexuality department.

So why do gays feel the need to throw a parade? To remind not only themselves but the world that there is nothing wrong with their sexual orientation and that they too belong under the same sky, under the same shining sun, with their friends, family, music, life, and above all LOVE!!!!

And as my friend Derek would say

DEREK: We are all one in that we are all just star dust (thanks Carl Sagan), but luckily like the stars in the universe each one of us is different. The universe would be a pretty boring place if everything was same. So remember our common origin but enjoy and revel in our diversity. Celebrate damn it!!

Let us not forget the Stonewall Riots


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