Happiness: Sand Through Fingers

If there is one thing we all have in common is that we all want to help someone. Maybe that someone you want to help is yourself and that is perfectly fine. That is a good place to start.

We here at GenderFun.com often get emails asking us for make-up tips, where to buy wigs, and things of that nature. We are more than happy to oblige and we try to bring you helpful TIPS every week.

However, exterior transformations are fun but one of the biggest motivators for us starting this site is to also focus on internal transformations.

We must be honest and tell you that we have been going through tremendous learning experiences lately. Every day we wake up and ask ourselves how will we help others with the gifts life has given us.

While we work on our own personal growth we hope you are too. Contemplation is one step away from motivation and action. When you are contemplating your role in this world and all the wonderful things you can do, you are actively helping not only yourself but others as well.

Try it. Try contemplating a better life not only for yourself but for someone you love. Don't think of their problems or your problems. Don't think of all the pain. Don't think of the obstacles. Just think of all the wonderful things you can do with your time while alive. Every time you catch yourself saying to yourself "nah, that's too hard," or "I could never do that" go back to contemplating that YOU CAN DO IT. You may not know HOW to achieve it but YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. Then focus on the feeling you get when you imagine this better life. All of the sudden, if you contemplate deep enough, you will notice a surge of energy! YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE!!!!! That's because your mind doesn't really know the difference between thinking it and living it.

That is the power of focusing on what makes you happy. That is where happiness resides. The feeling may be short lived but that's why you have to practice bringing that happy feeling back all throughout the day.

Happiness is for those who like a good challenge. That is all of us, because what is more challenging than living? We are doing that right now!

Achieving your goals may be a different story but let us start with baby steps. Today you will make yourself happy and with happiness doors will open where you didn't even know there were doors. That's the power of happiness :-)

* of course clinical depression is a whole other story. if you are clinically depressed please seek medical attention.

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